About Us 

We support children in their literacy journey by helping them enjoy reading through read-aloud events, subscription boxes, and community engagements.

After reading a newsletter that stated if third graders couldn’t read on grade level they would have to repeat the 3rd grade. Shocked by this news, a 8-year-old Karter Johnson did research on the topic and learned that a lack of books in the home and not having anyone to read with were 2 huge issues. So he launched Popcorn and Books via Universal Popcorn, LLC., Popcorn and Books is a literacy company that's dedicated to encouraging kids to read more and to enjoy reading.  


After being in business for a year and a half Popcorn and Books is now a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Through that organization Karter has launched 'Build A Kid’s Library' where we send high-quality, age-appropriate books to kids ages 5-10 in Detroit, MI. and it's surrounding areas once a month at no cost to their families.


In addressing the second major issue of not having anyone to read with, Karter spends time reading books on ‘The Build Your Kid’s Library,’ reading show where he read books that would be a great addition to kid's home library and to be a place where kids can see that reading can be fun and be encouraged to read.

While I focus on showing kids the fun side of reading and enjoying a good book there are more serious things to be aware of if you have a struggling reader. In some cases reading to a child and providing books just isn't enough, they may need further assistance. If you have a struggling reader and you have done everything you can to teach them how to read, it is very important to have your child tested for learning disabilities such as dyslexia. 


Dyslexia is a reading disability that makes it hard for kids to learn how to read.  A child with a reading disability has a problem with reading words accurately and/or quickly, or with understanding what they are reading.


So if you have a child who is struggling with reading, we want to get down to the bottom of the cause, so that we can have a better understanding of how to accommodate them or provide the right interventions for them and testing will help with that. 

Would like to help us build a kid's library?

Your monetary donations can help us do just that.

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