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A Fun, Free virtual Program for Kids

In this 21 day reading program, kids will be encouraged to beat the summer slide and swing into the new school year ready to close the literacy gap. Kids will be encouraged by their peers to read and complete reading enrichment activities.  

Summer Reading Camp

Please donate today to help us provide book boxes for the campers who complete the program.


Summer Reading Camp

 Please register your child and you will receive information via email to join the Summer Reading Camp.


Camp Highlights

Online Meetups | Reading Activities | Games | Prizes | Free Books

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What to Expect

We will meet once a week to read as a whole group and one on one. 


Each child will be given a reading log to keep track of the books that they have read and to write down the books they would like to read by the end of the program. 


The kids will get a point for each book read and each meeting attended to receive a book box at the end of the program that will include books, a t-shirt, and other prizes. As a bonus, kids who share photos of them reading during the week will get extra points for a chance to win a gift card.

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Meet Camp Leader

After reading a newsletter that stated if third graders couldn’t read on grade level they would have to repeat the 3rd grade. Shocked by this news, a 8-year-old Karter Johnson did research on the topic and learned that a lack of books in the home and not having anyone to read with were 2 huge issues. So he launched Popcorn and Books via Universal Popcorn, LLC., Popcorn and Books is a literacy company that's dedicated to encouraging kids to read more and to enjoy reading.  


After being in business for a year and a half Popcorn and Books is now a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Through that organization Karter has launched 'Build A Kid’s Library' where we send high-quality, age-appropriate books to kids ages 5-10 in Detroit, MI. and it's surrounding areas once a month at no cost to their families.


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If you would like to submit your book to support the Popcorn and Books Summer Reading Camp click here to donate.  We will send you a link to submit your book.


Buy T-shirts that will support our efforts to provide kids with book boxes at the end of camp.


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